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Taking the first steps of a technological project. You have an amazing idea for a tech project that is going to change the world? Great, but now what? The project is too raw to be presented, and your development budget is still pretty modest at this stage. Where should you start? How should you invest your limited funds? What should be developed first? How can you provide your project with the best possible start?


MVP Services. MindFlow is a software development and consulting boutique. We will design and develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your product in a short and agile process, and help you advance your idea and perfect the business model. Together, we will design the optimal path to an MVP, best utilizing the existing and limited, resources. After completing the MVP, we will accompany the project during its first steps, to improve its chances of success.

What do We Bring to the Table?



Developing MVPs in various technologies, starting from scratch.

Innovation as a Service

Innovation as a Service

An external innovation lab for large organizations, conducting POCs in optimal conditions, without disturbing the organization’s routine.

Outsourcing Strategy

Outsourcing Strategy

Assisting organizations in developing outsourcing strategies, from planning to execution, to find the best team and ensure an efficient process and satisfying results.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Examining new technologies prior to investment - locating potential breaches and sensitivities, and assessing the innovative and technological value of a new product, to make sure it is worth the effort.

Architecture Planning for Complex Software Systems

Architecture Planning for Complex Software Systems

Setting the lay of the land from the project’s very beginning, to ensure a smooth and effective development process, considering all the complexities of a new system, and using state-of-the-art technologies.

CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service

Assisting young companies lacking a CTO, in all technological matters from development, through technological recruitment and all the way to investor meetings if needed.

About Us

MindFlow was established to assist entrepreneurs with their very first steps in technology development. We act as a CTO in companies that are still establishing their tech team and assist them in doing so. Among the projects we take part in, there is a great variety of different fields and tech types (including but not limited to Blockchain, AI, Web and 3D simulations), that we help execute from the idea to an MVP within a few months.

Some of our Recent Projects

Among our clients: iHLS, ministry of defence, SMBs, entrepreneurs and dreamers.


Optical character recognition using deep learning


Gathering data and deriving actionable information from social networks


Algorithm for optimal drones fleet management equipped with MESH networks

Search Engines

A search engine (elasticsearch-based) for finding a therapist using natural language description of symptoms.


Cloud-based on-demand manufacturing system for fashion boutiques


Location-based second hand sharing of goods


Campaign and election management system, using smart contracts.

3D simulations

A platform for teaching children code via programming robots in Unity

The Team

Composed of rockstar researchers, developers, full-stackers, IT, and DevOps professionals, Mindflow has put itself in a unique position where our experience and track record allow us to provide a continuous service of product, platform, and solution development from concept to market – without forcing clients to turn to look for satellite service providers such as IT, security, development, and deployment pipelines as well as other, typical project etcetera.

As a point of pride, our team makes a priority of learning and assimilating new tools and technologies as fast as possible, and as a result, Mindflow can offer much more appropriate solutions for our clients, in less time, and with better functionality, extensibility, and maintainability.

Nissim Hania

Founder, CEO


Nissim has 15 years of experience in engineering, software development, project management and 36 years of experience in getting people out of their comfort zone.

Nissim has spent years working for the IDF, and has founded and led several startups. He knows both the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as the traditional industry through and through.

Nissim enjoys learning new things and teaching others. His ideal world is one with no noise pollution – quiet enough so he can concentrate on spending time with his wife and 4 children, reading, writing and developing his cooking skills.

Viki Almog-Ayzenberg

Founder, VP Bizdev


What Viki has managed to achieve in her 30 years on this planet, most people won’t achieve in a lifetime. Moving between Haifa, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong-kong (but always returning to Haifa eventually), she has spent the last decade moving up from entry-level marketing jobs to managing complex operations and turning project ideas into well-oiled machines. Viki sees the destination and designs the ideal way to get there.

When she’s not busy taking MindFlow to the moon, she dedicates her time to her husband and child, painting, sculpting and cooking vegetarian food.

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